We love what we do and we love to share what we have with you.


Over the years since 2005, our many precious, enthusiastic and friendly guests have been a source of inspiration to us. Through them we have learnt to appreciate our mission even more.

No words can express our gratitude !

We value each person who has stayed with us in our Tuscan retreat, each smile, each laugh, each hug and each "arrivederci". All these are added blessings to our success. Most of all we look forward to welcoming you back on your return, and, naturally, to the pleasure of meeting new visitors to our classic Tuscan home.

May your stay with us be filled to the brim with relaxation, enjoyment, nourishing Tuscan food and delicious local wines.

Grazie mille !

Giusi and Dario


What our friend Frances Mayes says about us :

“Giusi and I frequently cook together and I consider her one of the best cooks in Tuscany. She is shown in both my photo texts. I love going to dinner at her farm – both Ed and I look forward with anticipation to an invitation from Giusi for days. Sitting around her table with her extended family has been one of the prime pleasures of my years in Tuscany. Visitors to Villa Giusi will be rewarded with a genuine country Tuscan experience.”