Events and places of interest in Cortona:

All year round:
MAEC Etruscan and Egyptian Museum in Palazzo Casali

First week of June:
La Giostra dell'Archidado, in full mediaeval costume, culminates with a Mediaeval Crossbow Tournament and re-enactment of the wedding of Francesco Casali, first Lord of Cortona, to noblewoman Antonia Salimbeni of Siena, which took place in 1397.

July & August:
Performances of music, dancing, cinema, theater, art and literature, cuisine, wine and local products tasting throughout the city centre.

July to September
Cortona On The Move - International photography festival with shows by top travel and reportage photographers, meetings, workshops and conferences.

The National Antiques Fair located in Palazzo Vagnotti with certified art, paintings, antique furniture, sculptures, earthenware, silver and bronzes, prints, engravings, carpets, jewelery, tapestry, copper and marble.